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«Irene» Sea Walk Bungalows.

«Irene» Sea Walk Bungalows.

‘The general approach was, to delivered, an unforgettable experience for visitors.

The direct contact of the yard of the buildings with the wonderful beach of Mega Ammos, set in the unique green the waters of the Ionian Sea were the driving force of all of us.

Entering the ground floor, you walk on a gentle floor, covered with natural mortar from Kourasanit. A main reception lounge welcomes guests. Everywhere there is a harmony of shades and textures. The walls, the bathrooms have natural coatings and these.

Two levels lower, the kitchen is fully equipped, in fresh shades.

Behind her, the comfortable bathroom is a small color surprise for the visitor.

A staircase of natural oak, leads to the first floor of the main bedroom, its point of division from the ground floor, but providing visual contact between them.

At the top of the floor, a comfortable sleeping system from Cocomat was placed in its center, and right next to it, perfectly in harmony with the room, it complements the whole of a wc, framed with a visible glass combined with the same applied plaster mortar here as the floor.

Different luminaires made of natural materials and table lamps provide the space for lighting alternatives and a serene atmosphere. The color of fabrics and walls is an alternative blend of beige and gray. The openings, small wooden windows on the olive leaves, offer plenty of light and rich views of the beach and the garden with the ancient olive trees. As for the blue-green shades used, they inspired the Ionian waters, pointing out once again their connection with the coastal character of the area.’