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Exclusive Glass Villas

Exclusive Glass Villas

‘’On a seaside holiday destination, in the Ionian, there is a dream place to visit.

Two private luxury residences, surrounded by wild, dense forests, pinned at an altitude of 60 m from the sea, thus maximizing the possibilities of the amazing view, keeping the necessary distance from the settlement, resulting in the ideal isolation.

The views of the building are simple, following a strategic design, completely transparent with large openings, while the rear is closed and protected.

In the center of the ground floor are the common areas, the living room and the kitchen, overlooking the sea and the private pool.

Next to them, the first sleeping area is organized, linearly with the kitchen.

At one end is the one bedroom with its own bathroom, growing on the headboard of the bed, offering a view from it through a glass partition.

Then, an impressive ladder raises the visitor to the interior balcony, with the tallest bedroom of the villa.

Entering the imposing view and the warm bath, almost all glass, become one with the sky.

Of course, the openings on the three free faces of the building provide great excerpts of the view, direct access but also a unified view with the surrounding space.

Thus, a natural unification of the external space with the interior is created, as the minimalist materials of the same flooring have been used.

The other elements used are visible metal, glass, natural granites, cement in earth tones and wood.

From one end, Corfu and Paxos, the Greek sky and the blue-green Ionian Sea,

including the human presence amazingly, and offering visitors a total, unique experience.’’