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Mythos Resto

Mythos Resto

«Mythos, myth, ancient Greek wisdom a fantastic narrative that has acquired legendary dimensions, something impressive, unreal, excellent. »

The Mythos Restaurant was renovated, opened its doors and  welcomed in a special, luxurious setting.

The visitor has the opportunity to wander through a simple communication tour to the Ancient Cultural Heritage of Greece,

in a series of inspired compositions with discreet reference to it.


The materials used in its renovation are leather in brown & caramel earth tones, warm wood, metal brass bases and specially designed wood surfaces with high gloss finishing materials, combined with gold leaf details give a genuine sense of glow to them, while works and art objects decorate wall-mounted compositions.

Fully harmonized in its new form, the renewed Mythos with the class and aesthetics that characterizes it, both the hospitality and the quality of its flavors, is constantly evolving and impressing.